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the ultimate source for those looking to learn about hemp and CBD for both consumers and businesses in the cannabis space.  Our blog provides comprehensive, up-to-date insights on everything from products and regulations to strain profiles, terpenes, cannabinoids, history, laws, news and more with new articles published daily.  Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for exclusive deals or visit our business section for resources you need to launch your own CBD Company or Cannabis Brand plus links to some of the best Wholesalers Private Label & Bulk Gummy manufacturing services available. Driven by a mission rooted in education and knowledge sharing as well as providing access to high quality products & services. CBDoilWlmrt.com strives towards changing lives through better understanding of cannabis & hemp industry related topics while helping individuals build foundations solid enough that they can help shape their future without hesitation.

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David McGinnis

David McGinnis is a passionate entrepreneur, insightful author, innovative web designer, creative content creator, and specialized marketing specialist. He’s a cannabis consultant with nearly 10 years of experience in the hemp industry. With such a bounty of knowledge under his belt, he currently consults for new and established CBD companies as well as other startups. His business acumen doesn’t end there. David is also the proud owner of a thriving CBD enterprise and 30+ cannabis blogs with hundreds of entertaining and informative online articles. Despite his entrepreneurial spirit, David makes sure to set aside time to relax with his fiancé Melanie and his beloved miniature schnauzers Gatsby and Daisy. Furthermore, what truly separates David from the rest is that he’s incredibly easy to get ahold of. If you’d like to connect with him about a potential or existing business plan or just shoot the breeze for a bit, he can be contacted easily via chat support on his website.
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